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Chicken platter

Chicken barbeque roasted drumsticks; kebabs (barbeque grilled then brushed with sweet chilli sauce); nuggets (tenderised crumbed chicken) and wings on request. Garnished with cocktail tomatoes; cucumber; olives and lettuce.

Meze platter

Mini pita breads served with either humus or tzatziki; dolmades; salami; olives; marinated aubergenes; pepperdews; feta; pineapple; cocktail tomatoes; gherkins; sundried tomatoes; roasted vegetables; cheddar cheese; frankfurters and cucumber.

Crudite platter

Sticks of carrot; baby marrow; red/green/yellow peppers; cucumber; gherkins; cocktail tomatoes; olives; broccoli; cauliflower; mushrooms; pineapple and three kinds of dips.

Fish platter

Fishcakes or fishballs; crumbed fish strips or fish fingers (straight cut); prawn cigars or butterflied prawns and tartar sauce. Garnished with cocktail tomatoes, lemon, gherkins, cucumber and parsley.

Cold meat platter

Rare roast beef; ham; gammon; salami; frankfurters. Garnished

with gherkins; cucumber; cocktail tomatoes and pineapple.

Cold meat and cheese platter

Rare roast beef; ham; gammon; salami; frankfurters and cheese. Garnished with gherkins; cucumber; cocktail tomatoes and pineapple.

Cheese platter

Cheddar; camembert; feta; gouda; tussers; nuts & dried fruit
or freshly cut fruit; cocktail tomatoes; gherkins; cucumber; olives
and 2 kinds of savoury biscuits.

Sweet platter

Small cakes and pastries.

Fruit platter

Freshly cut seasonal fruit either in

cubes or kebabs attractively displayed.


Cold counter
A variety of cold meats, salads and sandwiches are available to tempt the tastebuds! You can also find the following displayed at our deli: cous cous salad; veg & chic pea salad; a variety of herrings; chopped liver; olives; dips; lentil paté; dolmades; artichokes; humus and tzaziki.



“one CANNOT think well,

love well, sleep well,

if one has not

DINED well”.


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