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Oakhurst offers a large range of platters for your specific needs. Each platter is designed to feed 10-12 people:


Sandwich platter 1
Finger-size white and brown sandwich loaf bread triangles filled with: egg mayonnaise; cheese & tomato; tuna mayonnaise; chicken mayonnaise; mozzarella, basil pesto & sundried tomato; avocado (when available) & cream cheese. Garnished with cocktail tomatoes and parsley. (72 sandwich quarters)

Sandwich platter 2
Finger-size white and brown sandwich loaf bread triangles filled with: a variety of fillings from platter 1 incorporating a variety cold meat sandwiches. (72 sandwich quarters)

Sandwich platter 3
Open sandwiches made with rye and seed loaf: rare roast beef with gherkins, capers & mustard; smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon & freshly ground pepper; mozzarella cheese, basil pesto & sundried tomatoes. Garnished with cocktail tomatoes and parsley.

Snack platter

Choose five of any of the following items:

Samoosas (meat, chicken or veg); spring rolls; sausage rolls; spinach & feta in phyllo pastry; cocktail quiches; cocktail pies (chicken & mushroom, steak or veg); meatballs; fish balls; chicken puffs; chicken kebabs; chicken drumsticks; chicken wings; salmon & cream cheese pancakes.



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“one CANNOT think well,

love well, sleep well,

if on has not

DINED well”.


Hot Counter

Our deli offers a variety of freshly made farmhouse hot meals including: lasagne, roasted vegetables, stews, roast chickens etc. Let us cook for your dinner parties and we can fill your supplied dishes with scrumptious meals.




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